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Amina Christy

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If you've ever wanted to enjoy the occasional high carbohydrate or high fat treat, without the fear of gaining weight, or would like to beat your food cravings, this will be the most important article you'll ever read.

Here's why:

My name is Amina Christy and I am a Master Herbalist. I have a number of clients who pay me $100 an hour for advice on which herbs to take in order to lose weight.

For the last 2 years, I have been investigating herbs for weight loss, and have made the following amazing discoveries:

  • There are herbs that can help anyone overcome their cravings for carbohydrates

  • There's a specific blend of herbs that block the body's absorption of carbohydrates

  • Herbs can also stop you from gaining weight while eating fatty foods.

  • There's a specific blend of Chinese tea that increases the metabolic rate, and assists weight loss

I have put these amazing herbs together in 3 special blends: CraveEx, CarboClear and LipoClear. They work amazingly well, and are all scientifically proven to work.

But don't take my word for it, read the scientific evidence below:


craveex ingredients

CraveEx is designed to help you curb your cravings for carbohydrates and sweet foods, while supporting your efforts in losing weight. CraveEx can be taken every day with meals, to help you beat the habit of eating unhealthy foods:

Gymnema Leaf (Gymnema Sylvestre)

gymena sylvestreGymnema leaf has been used for thousands of years in Ayurvedic medicine to prevent obesity, balance blood sugar levels.  Gymnema leaf is particularly beneficial for people craving carbohydrates and sweet foods, as research from Kyushu University, Japan confirms that the herb can make sugary foods taste less sweet, and reduce the desire to eat more. 

Human studies at the Georgetown University Medical Center have confirmed that gymnema is a safe, non-toxic and effective weight loss herb that helps reduce excess body fat and Body Mass Index.

Stevia Extract 85% Stevioside (Stevia Rebaudina)

steviaStevia leaves have been used for hundreds of years in Paraguy and Brazil as a natural sweetener.  Although stevia is naturally 300 times sweeter than sugar, it contains no calories, and has been scientifically proven by the University of Maringa, Brazil, to prevent hypoglycemia – a common cause of sugar cravings, and balance blood sugar levels naturally.

Stevia’s active ingredient, stevioside has been commended by the Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium, to be a non-toxic, supplement for preventing overeating and stimulating weight loss.

Licorice Root (Glycyrrhiza Glabra)

licoriceLicorice root is a sweet herb that is naturally low in calories.  It is a popular sweetener for medicines, soft drinks and candies, and in its natural root form, can curb cravings for sweet or carbohydrate-rich foods.  Licorice is a common ingredient for detoxification and digestion remedies, as it has beneficial effects for liver health and fuction.

Japanese researchers found that the flavionids in licorice prevent the liver from converting nutrients into fat, and further research indicates that licorice is effective in increasing the metabolic rate, optimizing the metabolism of carbohydrates and lowering abdominal fat.  The National Institute of Child Health and Human Development have linked licorice extract to slowing down the development of fat cells.

Dandelion Root (Taraxacum Officinalis)

dandelionDandelion balances blood sugar levels – the University of Bologna, Italy identified the herb as a natural treatment for hypoglycemia.  Koren researchers at Yeungnam University found that dandelion extract improved the metabolism of fats and reduced sugar imbalances in human subjects.

Dandelion root is a powerful detoxification herb, especially when combined with licorice root.  European herbalists have used dandelion for hundreds of years to strengthen the digestive system and liver.  It is also a rich source of Vitamin A, B complex, Vitamins C, D, calcium, potassium and zinc.



carboclear ingredients

CarboClear is designed to stop carbohydrates and sugars from being broken down into glucose and converted into body fat, and contains ingredients that help the body expel the undigested carbs.

White Kidney Bean Extract (Phaseolus Vulgaris)

white kidney beanWhite kidney beans reduce the absorption of calories from carbohydrates by disrupting alpha-amylase – the digestive enzyme responsible for converting carbohydrates into simple absorbable sugars.  It has been scientifically proven to block carbohydrate absorption and in a clinical study at the University of California, subjects lost on average 8.7 pounds and 3.3 inches from their waists while taking white kidney bean extract.

Doctors from the UCLA School of Medicine recently published reports that white kidney bean extract tripled the amount of weight lost by dieters taking the supplement.  In addition, scientists from Rome, Italy concluded that white kidney bean extract reduced fat mass and helped maintain lean muscle mass even in dieters who had struggled to lose weight for 6 months.

Fenugreek Seed (Trigonella Foenum-Graecum)

fenugreekFenugreek is a commonly used culinary herb, which has a number of health benefits for dieters. Researchers at Tokyo University found that fenugreek seed prevented obesity in subjects following a high calorie diet, and scientists at the University of Waterloo, Canada confirmed that the herb reduced the accumulation of fat in the liver.

Fenugreek is rich in 4-hydroxyisoleucine, an amino acid that controls blood sugar.11 According to recent findings at the University of Yaounde, taking fenugreek with meals reduces food intake in future meals, as the herb reduces the transit times of carbohydrates, which has an effect of balancing blood sugar and reducing food cravings.

Cinnamon Bark (Cinnamomum Cassia)

cinnamonCinnamon is a culinary spice used for flavoring foods, and has several medical benefits for dieters. Cinnamon contains dihydroxyhydrocinnamic acid, a naturally-occurring plant extract that helps the body dispose of glucose and carbohydrates, without storing it as body fat.   Swedish researchres at Malmo University identified cinnamon as a natural appetite suppressant, which slowed hunger by 37%, when taken with meals. 

Its active component cinnamaldehyde is currently under research as a anti-diabetic treatment, due to its blood glucose balancing effects.  Researchers have found that when cinnamon is combined with other herbs, it can lower blood glucose levels and help increase insulin sensitivity, which proves promising for curing insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome.

American Ginseng (Panax Quinquefolium)

american ginsengAmerican ginseng has been used in Native American medicine to increase energy levels, balance blood sugar levels and help the mind and body deal with stress – a common cause of over eating.  American ginseng also prevents energy slumps throughout the day, which is another common cause of over eating.

Its fat burning benefits were confirmed by reports from University of Chicago, which recommended American ginseng for weight loss and the prevention of diabetes.  Researchers at the Kyung Hee University, Korea also found that the herb prevented obesity.



lipoclear ingredients

LipoClear is a natural fat-blocker supplement that prevents the absorption of dietary fats, and helps the body to dispose of dietary fat without storing it as body fat.

Psyllium Husks (Plantago Ovata)

psylliumPsyllium comes from the seeds of the Plantago Ovata plant, and are a natural source of soluble fiber.  The Pennington Biomedical Research Center found that consuming psyllium husks with high fat diets can prevent weight gain, and researchers at Kings College University of London found that subjects felt fuller after taking psyllium hulls, and as a result, ate less fat in subsequent meals. 

According to findings at Massey University, New Zealand, the soluble dietary fibers from psyllium and guar gum alter the digestion of fats.  Taking psyllium with foods high in fat prevents the fats from being digested and absorbed by the body.  Researchers at the Oasis of Hope Hospital in Mexico confirmed that the fat leaves the body in feces, and these findings were confirmed by the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, who concluded that dietary fats became less digestible with psyllium.

Guar gum (Cyamopis Tetragonolobus)

guar gumGuar gum comes from guar beans, and is a highly soluble fiber that attaches itself to fat particles in food, preventing the body’s absorption of dietary fats.   Scientists at the University of Agriculture in Pakistan found that guar gum helped to lower the glycemic index of meals – when consumed with guar gum, and helped lower blood glucose and cholesterol levels, assisting weight loss.

Guar gum is a natural appetite suppressant, as it is bulk forming, and increases satisfaction with meals.  Researchers at Abbott Laboratories found that the fiber in guar gum resulted in a 27.1% increase in fullness after meals, and a 15.8% decrease in food consumption.

Green Tea (Cameilia Senensis)

green teaGreen tea is recognised word-wide as a beneficial health drink, and has been used for thousands of years in China to help manage weight.  This has been confirmed by recent clinical trials at the Universitary Medicine Berlin, where doctors reported that the epigallocatechin-3-gallate substances in green tea increased the rate of fat burning in overweight patients.

Scientists at Maastricht University, Netherlands found that the catechins in green tea prevent stress-related weight gain by suppressing the enzyme catechol o-methyltransferase, which triggers the release of stress-hormones that cause fat to accumulate in the abdomen.  Another clinical study at Maastricht University resulted in 76 men and women losing an average of 13 pounds (5.9 kgs) without hunger or cravings.

Cayenne (Capsicum Annum) (90,000 H.U.)

cayenneCayenne is a hot chilli pepper used in Chinese and South American cooking, and has been used in Native American medicine for at least 9,000 years.  It’s active component, capsaicin is a naturally thermogenic food, as it raises the body’s production of heat, increasing metabolism and fat burning. 

Clinical trials at the University of Tasmania, Australia found that chilli lowered the body’s insulin production after high calorie meals, meaning less nutrients are absorbed as fat.  When combined with Green Tea, capsaicin has a significant effect on controlling the expansion of fat cells.



wulong-oolong facts

wulong oolong teaWulong-Oolong is a unique species of the Camellia sinensis plant , grown in an organic plantation in the Wuyi mountains of the Fujian Province in China.

Wulong-Oolong is currently used in a Hollywood health spa to help clients on the $1,500-a day weight loss program to burn maximum fat.

Oolong tea increases fat burning ability by 12%  Scientists at the University of Tokushima found that men consuming a “typical American diet” increased their rate of fat burning by 12% and boosted calories burned 3.4% when drinking Oolong tea.

The polyphenols in Oolong tea block the absorption of dietary fat and cholesterol by over 50%. Researchers at the The University of Tokushima discovered that subjects on a high fat diet drinking Oolong tea 3 times a day with meals absorbed half the amount of dietary fat and cholesterol than those who did not drink the tea.

Oolong tea prevents obesity, even while eating a high-fat diet. Researchers at Ehime School of Medicine reduced the body's absorption of lipids, and increased the rate fats were burned by giving subjects Oolong tea.

Oolong tea helps to reduce abdominal fat safely. Researchers at the Teikyo University School of Medicine discovered that the catechins in oolong tea helped to reduce abdominal fat without influencing the absorbtion of fat-soluble vitamins.

Oolong tea reduces LDL cholesterol. In a randomized controlled clinical trial, researchers at Osaka City University Medical School gave 22 patients with coronary artery disease 1 liter of Oolong tea for a month, and discovered a significant reduction in plasma adiponectin levels, and a reduction in plasma level LDL particle size, and a significant difference in hemoglobin A1c levels after drinking Oolong tea.

Oolong tea helps to reduce stress. Researchers at the Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Fujian Province found that taking 4 servings of Oolong tea a day for a week reduced stress levels significantly, decreased cortisol levels (the stress hormone) and increased mental alertness.



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